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Danielle G
Tempe AZ
After working in the industry for 20 years, I wanted to find a new company who is able to supply me with the best inventory. Equity Prospect and the team have been my new source for the best deals on the best properties.
Josh C.
Des Moines IA
I heard through a business partner that Equity Prospect has the best properties in my local market. I was surprised to see the amount of filters I was able to add to I can make sure I find the right property! Definitely going to keep using them
Ericka M
Nashville TN
I can't thank Equity Prospect enough for helping secure my first investment! They were able to answer all of my questions about the house and make me feel comfortable with my purchase. Definitely going back for a 2nd property
Adam S
Coachella CA
As an investor, I want to make sure that I am getting the right property for my business. That is why I turn to the team at Equity Prospect for all my real estate needs! All of my investments with them have made been great!
Susan B
Seattle WA
I wanted to look for a property that I could fix up and rent out for extra income. I needed specific features for my property, so I used Equity Prospect and within a couple weeks I found the perfect deal! Highly recommend!
James T.
Dallas TX
Wanting to expand my business into other real estate markets, I wanted to use a company that would allow me to view properties from other states. Equity Prospect had a large inventory and easy to work with. 10/10

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